A quick effective method of hair removal, waxing is suitable for just about anyone and need only be avoided should the following contra-indications apply:

  • Sunburn
  • Open cuts or skin lesions
  • Extreme skin sensitivity
  • Allergy to resin
  • Roaccutane use

It is also recommended that prolonged UV exposure, excessively hot baths or showers and exfoliation be avoided for at least 8 hours after waxing. Thereafter, regular exfoliation of the waxed area is suggested to prevent the formation of ingrown hairs.

Makaranga Spa uses a combination of strip wax (legs, arms, chest and back) and hot wax (bikini and under arm) but techniques will vary from therapist to therapist. Please do not hesitate to advise us prior to your arrival should you have any preferences or queries.