Sunless Tanning - Koebana

A tanned body will help you feel younger, healthier and raise levels of self confidence. Koebana is a unique system of airbrush tanning enabling a seamless all over tan in just 20 minutes.

Koebana solutions are each uniquely different and cater for most skin types; from very fair to very dark. The solutions can be mixed together to form different colour combinations and the colour can be further strengthened using Koebana Bronzing Drops. The end result is a customised tan that can be further improved upon spray after spray.

Koebana spray tans are often pre-ceded by an application of a spray on exfoliator called Koebana PH-Prep. This step ensures that the skin's PH is at an optimal level and assists in the removal of last minute make up and deodorant. Last but not least, Koebana Barricade Lotion is applied liberally to both hands and feet prior to every tan, its purpose, to form a protective barrier against accidental colouring.

Spray tan Instructions

Shave/wax 24 hours prior to tanning
Shower and exfoliate the day of your tan
Do not moisturize or apply deodorant after your shower
Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and open shoes
Disposable underwear will be provided. Men to bring a Speedo/running shorts.

Wait 8-12 hours before showering
Thereafter avoid swimming or long baths
Moisturise morning and evening to maintain your tan
Your new tan should last between 5-10 days